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July 2005

The Art of Tony Mendoza

Viernes Santos
Tony Mendoza has always been one of our favorite Miami artists. There is just something about his simple and colorful paintings that uniquely captures the spirit and vibrancy of Miami. "One of my favorite Mendoza paintings is actually one of his more subtle works," says Glenn. "It's called 'Nina' and when you look at it, you see how he has captured the essence of a beautiful young woman in just a few simple brush strokes. If we sell a few more books, maybe I'll buy that one from Tony!"
Tony's Cast of Characters
El Morro Market
We especially like Tony's "Lito~Havana" and "Ocean Drive." Prints of these works would make such a great take-home memento for the tourist or a great gift for someone who had to move away from Miami or longs to move here!
All artwork on this page by Tony Mendoza – used by permission.
Tony does a lot of commission work with homes and businesses his specialty. Jorge has contracted with Tony to do a painting of his home in West Dade.
Tony's murals are also breathing some new life into some older buildings. His mural on the Sentir Cubano building is already bringing him a lot of notoriety. In fact, a lot of tourists are stopping by to have their pictures taken in front of the murals.
Botánica Ochun
El Velorio ( The Wake )

If you are in Miami and you want to see and buy some of Tony's work, you can see his work at several locations. He is a frequent exhibitor at the Cultural Fridays in Little Havana and participates in a number of shows and exhibits. During the month of August, you can find a large exhibit of Tony's work at David's Cafe on Lincoln Road – if you go, you can have a great Cuban meal too!

Sponsors Wanted
Sleepless (and Cuban Foodless) in Seattle

We're working on a new show for Public Television that will feature us cooking some great Cuban dishes and show us traveling to some of our favorite Miami locations.

On our new show we also will reveal all of our secrets including the best places to go in Miami: the best restaurants, shopping, entertainment, music, fun, and other attractions.

We'll show you how you can experience Cuban culture with our humorous and lively guide to the Cuban side of Miami.

With the demise of West Seattle's Mamey's restaurant just a few months ago, Seattle lost its only classic Cuban restaurant. Mamey's served all of the traditional favorites and stuck pretty close to its Cuban roots. If you are seeking some Cuban grub in Seattle, you're going to have to make a few adjustments.

The closest thing to Cuban is the Mojito Café (now called La Casa Del Mojito) and the Mojito Café – yah, we know it's pretty confusing. The food and drink recipes at both restaurants all have their origins in the work of Luigi Valenciana, who with two partners, started a second outlet (the Mojito Café on Western) in 2003. Unfortunately, the partnership dissolved some time ago – hence two restaurants and two different names.

However, the food and the atmosphere at both restaurants are very much alike. OK, neither restaurant is strictly Cuban, but if you are sick of Seattle Mexican food and are desperate for something more tropical, either of these restaurants will fit the bill. The restaurants actually draw on the cuisines of several Central and South American countries to bring you a very nice eating experience.

La Casa del Mojito is a tiny little restaurant on the North side of Seattle, not far from the University. There are only eight or nine tables with a few tables outside if you are lucky enough to be in Seattle when it is NOT raining.

The Mojito Café is located near the offices of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. The Newer Cafe Mojito does have one thing going for it – more space, although the parking situation isn't great at either restaurant.

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Right now we're trying to line up a few sponsors. If you know anyone in a position to sponsor a Cuban cooking show on public television, please help us out! Someone involved with Cuban products would be ideal.

The management at WPBT liked the show we did for them in June. Now if we can line up a few sponsors, we're on our way. (Send us an email!)

Although this is a pilot project, it's not too early to start asking your local PBS Television station to carry our new show.

To make our show a reality, we need to line up stations and sponsors! If you love our website and want to see more of us, please help.

If you'd like to see our new weekly cooking program, "Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban," in your part of the country, call your local PBS Television station and ask them to broadcast it in your area!


We Made The TOP 100!
Thanks to everyone who purchased our book through Barnes & Noble in the first week of June. Your purchases put our book, "Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban," in the Barnes & Noble BESTSELLERS TOP 100 for three straight days! This list includes ALL books sold by Barnes & Noble – not just cookbooks. So we are competing against everything from "Harry Potter" to the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."

We have also made the Daily Top Ten Cookbooks several times this month and have been consistenly in the TOP 100 for Cooking, Food, and Wine – just about every day since June 5!

Havana Cola
Let's face it, there's nothing more competitive than cola. The big two have been duking it out for decades. So it takes a lot of guts to come out with your own cola drink. We have to admire Ameriquita Vaughan, the president of Havana Cola for taking on the industry powerhouses. Havana Cola may have been the first cola with lime, a bandwagon that Coke and Pepsi have only recently jumped on.

In addition to both regular and diet cola with key lime, they also have a unique "mojito" flavor. Add your own rum and you have two classic Cuban drinks. Find out more...

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