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March 2005

Three Guys From Miami on "The Splendid Table"
Churrasco cut beef now available near you!
In Argentina, where fire-roasted meats are a specialty, churrasco actually refers to many types of meats prepared on the grill. However in Miami and most Latin communities, "churrasco" specifically refers to a cut of beef prepared in the Argentine style.

You may have seen it on the menu of many Latin restaurants. The churrasco steak is a long flat cut of "skirt steak," cut from the "plate" of the cow. In some parts of the country they traditionally call this "butcher steak," because all of it ends up going home with the butcher!

Don't confuse it with the flank steak, a similar cut, but NOT the same! Skirt steak is actually the diaphragm muscle of the cow. It's one of the most flavorful cuts of beef. In most of the country, skirt steak has been a very scarce commodity. While flank steak can be found everywhere, you had to know an old fashioned butcher – one that still deals with the whole cow and not boxed beef.

Several national and regional grocery chains are now carrying churrasco-cut steak just like you'd find in Miami, pre-packaged and ready to go. At most places, you won't see the word "churrasco" on the label. Technically it's called "Beef Plate Skirt Steak – Boneless."

One caveat: in Miami, the butchers carefully trim the skirt steaks for churrasco. The ones you get at supermarkets in other parts of the country require a little more work. You'll need a sharp knife to carefully remove excess fat and the white membrane from the back of the meat.

It's easy, make a downward cut into the membrane and then peel back, running the sharp edge of your knife between the membrane and the meat as you peel. The churrasco-cut plate steak is typically marinated to make it tender and full of flavor. The Argentine version uses a mildly flavored marinade or sometimes no marinade at all. The Three Guys from Miami like to "Cubanize" this dish by marinating the meat overnight in our own homemade mojo marinade.

Churrasco is always served with a good chimichurri sauce. We like to use our Cuban version – it is much more flavorful than the typical Argentine version! For recipes, CLICK HERE.

Churrasco in Miami? Che Tito's!
There are a few places in Miami where we like to go, but we don't like anyone else to know about it.

No, it's nothing as exciting as that. What we're talking about are a few of our favorite little hole-in-the-wall places. These places usually have two things in common: plenty of customers and not enough tables!

We are reluctant to talk about these places because if they get any more popular than they already are, we'll never get a table!

One of these places is a little Argentinean Café called Che Tito's and if you promise to keep it to yourself, we'll give you all the details.

We're not talking about anyplace that would hurt our reputations or get us arrested!

We're not sure if Che Tito's serves the best steak in Miami, but this is the place we go when we want a great steak. Many people come here for the pizza, and it looks and smells great.

However, we've never been able to resist the tantalizing slabs of beef prepared just behind the bar on a simple grill. We admit, we have never had the pizza here. Maybe one of these days we'll get one to go. What we do get is the churrasco de entraña – our favorite cut of beef for steaks. Yes, it's the long, thin cut from the plate of the cow – also known as skirt steak.

There is nothing fancy about Che Tito's, but the steaks are prepared to your liking and are always so tender and flavorful! Splash on some chimichurri and there just isn't any excuse for side dishes or dessert. You will be in red meat eaters heaven!

If you have someone in your entourage who just won't eat red meat – and why are you hanging around with people like that anyway – they will be delighted with the grilled chicken breast here...


A rich crepe filled with dulce de leche.

Look For Us in the Premiere Issue of Florida Travel & Life
"For those who died in the struggle for freedom in Cuba."
More than 10,000 crosses on display at Tamiami Park in Miami.
Florida Travel & Life is a new Florida themed magazine that is being distributed at major bookstore chains, including Barnes & Noble, Borders and Books-a-Million, as well as airports and upscale supermarkets throughout the eastern United States and Canada. The Three Guys From Miami received a nice mention in the premiere issue in an article about Cuban sandwiches. Be sure to pick up a copy of this beautiful full-color magazine.


Back Issues!
January 2005
New to our site? We have a NEW home page every month. Catch up on some of our previous issues: check out our BACK ISSUES. We have a wealth of information on Cuban food, Miami travel, Cuban culture, Cuban customs, and yes, several pictures of the Three Guys suitable for framing!
We had the pleasure of appearing on The Splendid Table, a nationally syndicated program on Public Radio. The host, Lynne Rosetto Kasper, is a great lady with a passion for great food.

In fact her first cookbook, "The Splendid Table" is considered one of the bibles of Italian cuisine. Her book received the Cookbook of the Year Award from both the Julia Child/IACP and James Beard Awards.

Jorge and Raúl appeared live from the studios in Miami while Glenn braved the cold to appear in person at the American Public Media studios in Minnesota. We all had a great time talking about some of our favorite places in Miami. The only problem? The time just flew by and we were still talking!

We will be featured on The Splendid Table the weekend of March 4-6. Check your local public radio listings for the exact date and time. You can listen to the ENTIRE show by clicking HERE or listen to our segment ONLY by clicking HERE.

Back in Stock!
Our cookbook, "Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban" is back in the warehouse this week after a brief absence. Our first printing was in short supply, causing several retailers and online merchants to run out. The book is now on its second printing and if you keep telling everyone you know about it (hint) a third printing may not be far off. Thanks again to everyone who has bought and is now enjoying our book!

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