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Nephew Neil

You've heard of the "Fifth Beatle?" Well, our nephew Neil is sometimes known as the "Fourth Guy from Miami!"

Nephew Neil represents the branch of the family that settled in New Jersey. From his home base in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Nephew Neil was our "go-to guy" for upper east coast restaurant reviews and photography.

Neil relocated to Tampa in 2004, so we now have a fulltime representative in Tampa, one of the oldest Cuban communities in the United States!

In the real world, Neil is a career figure in the banking industry.

Neil Ruiz
"Although Jorge might argue the point, this is the youngest and hippest guy on our staff! "

Neil Ruiz

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Tio Pepe, Clearwater, Florida

Our Nephew Neil has been living in Clearwater for the past few ... Jorge Castillo: One close to Neil's house is the Tio Pepe Restaurant in...

La Nueva Rumba Restaurant

Our Nephew Neil has been eating here a lot lately. Nephew Neil takes a seat at the counter. Any time after 1:00 p.m. is a good time to...

Ybor City

Nephew Neil Attracts a Crowd of Young Female Admirers ... Now that Neil is a Tampa resident, we guess he'll never have to worry about a date on Saturday ...

Everybody Sing Ay Mama Ines

On a recent Sunday afternoon, Glenn, Nephew Neil and I had another great lunch. Our nephew Neil had the Tasajo en Penca...

More Pictures from the Tampa Pigroast 2005

Nephew Neil and Raúl in a quiet moment. Neil looks hungry, as usual. Our special guest and professional conversationalist Daisy joins the group for a photo.

La Segunda Central Bakery

(L to R) Raymond More, Frank O'Farrill, and Neil Ruiz. Although we don't know the exact La Segunda recipe, we can let you in on one secret...

Baby Shower

Nephew Neil and his significant other Angie are having a baby! To celebrate the event, Neil's cousin Frank hosted a baby shower on Saturday and a pigroast...

Celebrating 20 Years Together!

Nephew Neil Ruiz: The Early Years. What, you've never seen Neil Young before? Raúl Musibay in Minneapolis in the 1980s.

El Meson de Pepe, Key West

Jorge, Nephew Neil and family enjoying a late dinner in the Cistern. Jorge Castillo: The nearby patio dining is also very nice in the shadow of El Meson de Pepe...

Tour of Kitchens

Nephew Neil the Banker took charge of selling books. Jorge's daughter Allison, wife Mary, and our cousin Daisy sample the paella.

La Ideal Sandwich Shop

Nephew Neil takes a seat at the counter. Any time after 1:00 p.m. is a good time to stop by and avoid the lunch rush.

Noche Buena on the Food Network

New Jersey Nephew Neil and his sister Monica bring fresh coconuts to the party. Jorge shows how to wire the pig to the pig holder.

El Artesano Restaurant

The food at El Artesano Restaurant is the kind we like, down-to-earth Cuban food with no pretensions...

The Best Way to Roast that Hog!

And we mean CAREFULLY! We NEVER remove the hog from the holder until it is completely cooked!

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