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This new Kindle version contains all of the recipes and editorial copy from the original print edition. As a bonus, the new Kindle edition includes 14 new photos of the prepared dishes.


This new Kindle version contains all of the recipes and editorial copy from the original print edition. As a bonus, the new Kindle edition includes 24 new photos of the prepared dishes.


Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban

Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban

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Best-Selling Miami Cuban Cookbook: "Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban." Here you'll find many classic Cuban recipes, reinterpreted in the Miami style. This book has an emphasis on dishes that are great for parties – a great source as you plan your next Superbowl party! Although built around a party theme, "Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban" is NOT just a party book! The recipes are just as easy to make for everyday eating. In fact, most of the recipes in "Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban" are simple and easy to prepare so you can make some great lunches and dinners at home. So even if you're not in a party mood, you can treat yourself and your family to a delicious meal.

Best-Selling Miami Cuban Cookbook: “Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban.” One of the best Cuban cookbooks on the market today, it contains many classic Cuban recipes and all of the favorite Cuban dishes as they are prepared and enjoyed by Cubans in Miami today. The recipes in this Cuban cookbook range from simple, country-style fare, to more elaborate dishes that are suitable for entertaining. Although we have added our own Three Guys From Miami twists over the years, our recipes are rooted in the classic dishes of Cuba. You won't find any "Nuevo Latino" or Pan-Latin recipes here! Simply the best Miami Cuban cookbook!

Praise for "Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban"

Best Cuban Cookbook:

"Three guys from Miami have an awfully good time concocting tasty Cuban fare.

Lindgren, Musibay and Castillo are the "Three Guys from Miami," a hearty band of bon vivants who offer a delicious array of Cuban-inspired foods accompanied by cultural anecdotes and off-the-wall humor. In the midst of dazzling photography capturing street scenes and food styling, the Three Guys tender 100 recipes that range from the basics of roast pork, black beans, white rice, fried plantains and yucca with oil and garlic, to milk shakes and assorted alcoholic beverages, Cuban toast, empanadas, glorious lobster creations and desserts—as well as hangover and stomach-ache remedies. Each recipe comes with some entertaining banter between the three guys that might touch on the ritual of family gatherings, or the importance of music with food, or how to "Cubanize" a turkey. Readers will also learn how best to substitute for impossible-to-find ingredients.

"For us, the party never ends," say the authors. Grab a seat and join the fun!"

Copyright 2006, Kirkus Reviews

Best Cuban Cookbook:

Library Journal Review

In this equally lively follow-up to their first book, Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban, Lindgren and his Cuban brothers-in-law, Raúl Musibay and Jorge Castillo, offer a guide to entertaining Cuban style.

They note that every Cuban knows that you can create a party with five foods: roast pork, black beans, white rice, fried plantains, and yuca with oil and garlic, and they present recipes for these classics and many more. Head notes, written more or less as an ongoing conversation among the three, show that their shared corny sense of humor remains intact. They also provide background and other relevant information on selected Cuban holidays and celebratory events. Along with numerous color photographs of the food and various Miami scenes, there are a glossary of ingredients and a source guide. Recommended for most collections.

Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

The Three Guys From Miami on the set at Miami Public Televison WPBT2.

Praise for "Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban"

Las Vegas Sun

"Glenn Lindgren, Raul Musibay and Jorge Castillo are the three guys. They're all brothers-in-law. They share a passion for good food, good conversation and a great party. Their Web site has been a hit since it went up. This is their first cookbook. It won't be their last. The desserts are scrumptious, but rich, rich, rich. These three guys are the kind of zanies that make the world go 'round. Pass the tres leche cake, please." – By Muriel Stevens

Best Cuban Cookbook:

Library Journal

"The titular "three guys" are three brothers-in-law: Raul Musibay and Jorge Castillo, who were both born in Cuba, and Lindgren, a Minnesotan who spends as much time as possible in Miami. They have an immensely popular web site,, devoted to Cuban food and culture. In their first book, they present many of their favorite recipes and stories. Lindgren is the writer, but the three share a somewhat wacky sense of humor (as documented in some of the photographs here). However, their book includes a lot of culinary and social history, along with 100 recipes for both traditional Cuban dishes and more contemporary variations. Numerous color photographs and an attractive design add to the appeal.

One of the few recent titles on the subject, this is strongly recommended."

(Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information. )

Best Cuban Cookbook:

The Chicago Sun Times

"Now's the perfect time to delve into a cookbook like Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban (Gibbs Smith, $29.95). I swear I could almost feel the Miami sunshine beaming down on me as I read through the book. The "Three Guys" are Glenn Lindgren, Raul Musibay and Jorge Castillo. The three are all brothers-in-law who run the popular Web site The Internet Cuban, a site dedicated to Cuban culture.

"This is more than just a cookbook, although it is a very appealing collection of mouthwatering recipes.

It's just as much a guide to Cuban culture. Every recipe comes with a "chat" between the three authors. Sometimes it's a bit of information, other times a humorous little interchange between them. The more than 100 recipes include some longtime Cuban favorites as well as dishes that were created by the Three Guys. Some of the classics have been retooled to make use of the great ingredients available in Miami.

"None of the recipes is particularly difficult, although there are a handful that require multiple steps. The photography is beautiful and inviting, making one ready to hop on a plane to Miami. For most of us that's not possible, so this cookbook is the next best thing." -- Books for Cooks

Three Guys From Miami Show You How to Make the Best Cuban, Spanish, and Latin American Food!

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