Three Guys From Miami: Cuban and Spanish Food Recipes

How to Make the Best Cuban and Spanish Appetizers

Glenn Lindgren: You might be thinking, “Cuban food is served in such large portions, are appetizers really necessary?”

Jorge Castillo: We have personally taken on the task of exploring this question. We’re still studying the issue carefully.

Glenn Lindgren: With the complexity of this issue, we foresee years of additional study and experimentation.

Jorge Castillo: Yes, we must suffer through years of cooking and eating Cuban appetizers in our quest.

Raúl Musibay: OK, OK -- the short answer is yes, of course, we need Cuban appetizers! When they taste this good, how can you resist?

Bruschetta Cubana

Crisp toast rounds with a delicious Cuban-themed tomato salsa.

Camarones para una boda Cubana

We made them famous! Cuban wedding shrimp!

Carne Fría

The Cuban meat roll that is perfect for parties and late-night snacking.

Croquetas de Jamón

Lightly breaded rolls with great fillings. A favorite at cafe windows all over Miami.

Croquetas de Fufú

What happens when you have a big pile of fufú sitting around YOUR house!

Croquetas de Papas y Jamón

This great version of croquetas combines the taste of ham with mashed potatoes.


Crisp, flaky wedges of pastry surround a filling of ham, beef, chicken and more!

Foccacia Cubana

This isn't a "traditional" Cuban recipe, it's still a nice appetizer for your next party!

Frituras de Malanga

Savory fried malanga root tastes great with a splash of mojo or L.A. garlic Sauce.

Huevos Cubanos

Deviled eggs as they cook them in Cuba -- a great hot appetizer.

Mariquitas de Plátanos

Buy the bag if you must, but the best plantain chips are fresh from the fryer.

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Mariquitas de Yuca

Yes, you can make some great tasting chips with yuca!

Mariquitas Salsa

No chip is complete without this garlicky sauce.

Pan Frito

Fried bread rounds that can be eaten alone or topped with meats and sauces.

Papas Fritas con Mayonesa

The classic fried potato dish that has graced many a tapas bar menu in Madrid.

Papas Rellenas

The fried potato ball with a succulent meat center.

Pasta de Jamón

An all-purpose ham spread for crackers and fried bread rounds.

Pasta de Carne

An all-purpose beef spread for crackers and fried bread rounds.

Pasta de Pollo

An all-purpose chicken spread for crackers and fried bread rounds.


Corn masa ground with fresh golden corn and flecked with crispy bits of roast pork or ham.

Tamales en Casuela

Leave the stuffing behind and make this tamal casserole.

Tamales Oriente Style

The way they make them in the Eastern province of Cuba, with plantain.

"Three guys from Miami have an awfully good time concocting tasty Cuban fare. [They are] a hearty band of bon vivants who offer a delicious array of Cuban-inspired foods accompanied by cultural anecdotes and off-the-wall humor. Each recipe comes with some entertaining banter between the Three Guys... ‘For us, the party never ends,’ say the authors. Grab a seat and join the fun!"

Kirkus Reviews

“The Miami masters of fun, good times, and easy-to-do Cuban foods!”

Southern Living Magazine

Three Guys From Miami Show You How to Make the Best Cuban, Spanish, and Latin American Food!

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